2 TV Stations Refuse To Air The Book Of Daniel – Pennsylvania News Story – WGAL The Susquehanna Valley


Stolen from my pal IrishYankee:

Two stations are refusing to air NBC’s new series, “The Book of Daniel,” which debuts Friday…

“The Book of Daniel” is about an Episcopal priest with a drug-dealing daughter and two sons, one gay and the other promiscuous. The priest and his wife have substance abuse problems, and he’s shown having regular chats with a hip, therapeutic Jesus.

The American Family Association’s Don Wildmon predicts that viewer protests will prompt more stations to cancel the show.

The AFA predicts that viewer protests will kill the show. My own prediction is that crappy ratings will kill the show; the premise sounds terrible!

I’ll take this opportunity to send the same kind of warning to the TV networks as I send to Hollywood – get some new ideas. “Quirky” family/town settings were introduced by and wore out their welcome with Twin Peaks, yet we’ve had 15 years of Twin Peaks ripoffs to deal with ever since. And does the world really need any more cop/forensics shows? Surely there are other, unexplored interests with which the American viewing public can be beaten about the head?

All I can say is, thank God for Britcoms and BitTorrent! The Beeb and Channel 4 are what make piracy worthwhile.

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