DVD Verdict Review – Profit: The Complete Series


Profit got the ax in America after merely four episodes as part of Fox’s mid-season replacement line up on Sunday nights in the spring of 1996. The show was a dark, noirish thriller about a psychopath working his way up through the ranks of a major corporation. It was a wildly ingenious mix of American Psycho, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Richard the 3rd. America wasn’t ready for the likes of Jim Profit (Adrian Pasdar, Top Gun, Near Dark), but a decade later the world looks an awful lot like his creation. CEOs from major companies, such as Enron or Worldcom, have now made him look like a pussycat. Anchor Bay has resurrected Profit: The Complete Series on DVD; and now we know, unfortunately, that the show wasn’t pure fantasy. Profit was the best reality show ever produced – and nobody watched.

*waves hand frantically*


This is a box set I never thought I’d see – a show that I watched religiously from the first episode to the last… Well, OK. That devotion is perhaps tempered by the fact that there were only four episodes broadcast. Somehow, someone decided it would be a good idea to DVD it, though from the sounds of the transfer and the mastering, not much effort was put into the presentation. No matter. Ten years on, it’s still a guilty pleasure in the silly and paranoid vein, but with a whole new twist in the post-Enron world.

Related observation: I have a shocking number of boxsets for shows that never made it to a second or third season?

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