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With his summary of Mexico’s guns-for-computers project, EgoAnt proves my theory that nothing is as funny as logic:

So when I saw this story, I was ready to laugh. Then I realized that what they might have on their hands is a stampede of HEAVILY ARMED people who want a computer! I mean, here’s the thing, does this seem a little bizarre to you? It’s like saying, “Free alcohol for the first ten people to show up at the liquor store after 10pm with a firearm!”

Here’s the scenario I imagine happening…..

Armed guard #1: “Hey, these computers are actually pretty decent, better than what I have at home.”
Armed guard #2: “Yeah, all I have is an old pentium 266.”
Armed guard #1: “Fuck it, I’m trading in my gun before everyone else gets here.”
Armed guard #2: “Shit! That’s a great idea! I’m trading in my side-arm, too!”
First guy with a gun to arrive: “Hands up, fuckers, I’m taking everything and your guns.”
Armed guards #1 & #2: “Oh.”
Second guy with a gun to arrive: “What? Everything is gone? Hands up, losers, I’m taking your pants.”

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