The Red Cross Emblem: It may just be fun and games to you, but it means the world to us- Canadian Red Cross

When someone misuses the Red Cross, (the video game industry being just one of many), we seek their cooperation in ending the unauthorized use. In nearly all cases, they comply and no further action is necessary. As a humanitarian organization, our preferred choice is to educate people about the emblem and seek their cooperation. That includes the makers of video games whose products touch the lives of millions.

Boy, do I feel like a chump for taking this stance, but today I cancelled my monthly contributions to the Canadian Red Cross. I feel guilty knowing that even my meagre donation could help to make a difference, but there is NO WAY I’m sending them my hard-earned cash so they can squander it on legal goons to fight inane copyright battles. The situation is even more sickening when you realise that the copyright attached to the Red Cross’ red cross could probably be contested by Switzerland…


I feel far less guilty after reading through the Red Cross appeal for narcs (Next up: Are you now or have you ever been aware of someone misusing the Red Cross symbol?)

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