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Perhaps it’s just me, but do others feel that a lot of stumblers who claim to be women, and who claim to be into porn, are in fact men?

I was thinking that too. Until recently, it was the odd one or two and, being a grown-up, I can handle that. But the recent surge in porn-based Stumbleblogs has made Stumbling at work a dangerous activity – a part of me is glad I don’t have much time for that anymore (though most of me still misses my StumbleTime :))

What scares me is that some of them may actually be women with serious problems. The one that offended me most used lots of exclamation marks and followed up every raunchy photo with the pronouncement I like men!

I’m torn as to what approach to use with these Stumblers. I tried the X-Rated filter once, but had to say goodbye to the pages of DLAF and IconoclastUK, where the odd questionable photo is often presented in an amusing light, and that was too high a price to pay.

I’ve resisted applying the “ignore” button for various reasons, firstly, because I wasn’t sure exactly how it worked (I don’t want to block people’s access to my own site, so apparently flattery will get you somewhere) Lately I’ve realised that it will result in an ignore list two or three times the size of my Friends list, and I find that disappointing. I guess I have to decide if I find it more disappointing than opening a new Stumbler’s page to find it’s yet another flesh-fest.

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