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A fantastic new-to-me blog with moste excellente historical, psychological and art-related links. I’ll be revisiting this StumbleBlog often.

Last year the journal Nature published results of a British study showing that teams wearing red have a higher probability of winning than teams wearing blue.

Love that tidbit, by the way, as it goes a long way to explaining the fact that my Montreal Canadiens have walloped the Toronto Maple Leafs over the majority of their meetings in the last 100-odd years.


I thought I’d revisit my review of Teiresias, as he was fairly new when I first caught him, and he’s due for a re-think. He’s not the most prolific Stumbler in the mix, but boy are his reviews worth waiting for! Very thoughtful and intelligent, with some of the best commentary on SU – virtually essay-like in their completeness. The kind of Stumbler I aspire to – but will never – be. My SU page would make you think I have ADHD…

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