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I love this StumbleBlog entry by AliDheli, illustrating the influence of caffeine on a web-based lifestyle…

The part about impossible goals was embarrasingly accurate. I guess perfectionistic tendencies plus LSD equalled some absurdly unrealistic goals that i pursued with complete earnestness. like moving to amsterdam to be a stripper. i honestly did that — it’s insane on so many levels. i mean, number one i hadn’t done any research at all, but just assumed there was a male exotic dancer industry active in amsterdam (there is not). two — WTF? three — only someone with no contact with reality would even consider choosing such a life. it’s not glamorous, it’s degrading, and so dirty. everyone involved is all mixed up in drugs and hustling and — i guess this is a bit of a digression from the topic of perfectionism… so in conclusion, i now support reasonable goals. the end.

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