&x22;The Fast Show&x22; (1994) – Memorable quotes


I’ve been on an all-things-Paul-Whitehouse kick of late, revisiting the amazing Help, Happiness and The Fast Show. His “Brilliant!” segments are terrific – reminiscent of Rick Mercer’s infamous “rants.”

You know Ronnie Corbett? He’s brilliant! But he’s not really small. They made him look small to fit on telly. They did it with trick photography, which is brilliant. Only they call it special effects, and they’re brilliant. Like in Terminator 2. Have you seen it? It’s about this bloke who can turn into a puddle and back again. Fantastic! Aren’t sequels brilliant? They’re the same film but with a different number, like two or three. Even bad films are great, ’cause at least they try. In the future, all films will be brilliant. In fact, everything will be brilliant in the future, with cars on monorails, brilliant silvery costumes, food in pills and probably some special futurey can-opener. Fantastic!

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