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The thumbs-up is for the review, not the movie (and certainly not the horrific excuse for a book – Dan Brown, I want those three hours of my life back!) Those of you who know me would expect this, of course, as I harbour a big, nerdy crush on Times movie critic A.O. Scott. It seems Tony thought as much of the book (sic) as I did, but he’s determined to make comedic hay of the eye rolling it inspired, which is why I love him so…

Briefly stated: An old man (Jean-Pierre Marielle) is killed after hours in the Louvre, shot in the stomach, almost inconceivably, by a hooded assailant. Meanwhile Robert Langdon (Mr. Hanks), a professor of religious symbology at Harvard, is delivering a lecture and signing books for fans. He is summoned to the crime scene by Bezu Fache (Jean Reno), a French policemen who seems very grouchy, perhaps because his department has cut back on its shaving cream budget.

Soon Langdon is joined by Sophie Neveu, a police cryptographer and also – Bezu Fache! – the murder victim’s granddaughter. Grandpa, it seems, knew some very important secrets, which if they were ever revealed might shake the foundations of Western Christianity, in particular the Roman Catholic Church, one of whose bishops, the portly Aringarosa (Alfred Molina) is at this very moment flying on an airplane. Meanwhile the albino monk, whose name is Silas and who may be the first character in the history of motion pictures to speak Latin into a cellphone, flagellates himself, smashes the floor of a church and kills a nun.

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