– Beheaded mans father: Revenge breeds revenge – Jun 8, 2006

Stunning transcript of a CNN interview with the father of Nicholas Berg, who was very publicly beheaded in 2004. Two things spring to mind here: Note the bloodlust of the interviewer, who seems to think that an eye for an eye will give closure to the father, and how she continues to swing the talk back to this, in the hopes that Berg Sr. will finally condone the act. How inspiring to see that Mr. Berg refuses to fall for it. Also note that, immediately after expressing his sadness at anyone’s death, CNN thoughtfully adds a link so people can “watch Berg compare al-Zarqawi to President Bush.” Which feels like a combination of petulance at not getting the quote they wanted, compared with upholding the administration’s habit of vilifying doves and anyone else opposed to their war. We need nations of people like Mr. Berg, and we could do with far fewer sound-biters like those currently leading the US media into a state of disgrace. (Thanks, SarahCPR for the link!)

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