Another example of why religion is pointless and does its damndest to keep people apart. Far from the peace-and-love that it claims to preach, more often than not, it serves only to keep people in their place, and deny anyone their rights of advancement and equal treatment if it doesn’t conform to the ancient scribblings of long-dead editors.

One in six of England’s parish priests is a woman and, a decade after they were first ordained, liberals say it is insulting not to let them hold positions of power.

But traditionalists argue that as Jesus Christ’s apostles were men, there is no precedent in the Bible for women bishops.

Reverand David Anderson, president of the American Anglican Council, a conservative group that opposed Schori’s nomination, said her election made a schism more likely.

“We would expect the Episcopal Church will continue its acceleration into outer space,” he said in the United States. “The fabric of the communion is being torn at its deepest level. This will simply accelerate and continue the tearing.”

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