Palins Travels: India, Himalaya

At a busy road junction a prominent and colourful display board advises the locals to ‘Learn and Repeat, Signs and Traffic Signals’.

As I’m reading it a black cow, followed by her calf, emerges from behind the board and, without signals of any kind, saunters off into the rush-hour traffic.

I think we should use cows for traffic calming at home. They’re much more effective than sleeping policemen. And they give milk.

I’m in the middle of Michael Palin’s latest travelogue, Himalaya, and as usual it’s a wonderful, Attenborough-esque mesh of wide-eyed travel writing and gentle humanity. Palin has seemingly fallen into his role of World Traveller – I wasn’t aware of his writing or journeys before Around the World in 80 Days, but he’s made a second career out of them since. Happily, he has created a website wherein all his travelogues are available online for free, so if you haven’t yet partaken in a Palinography, I highly recommend clicking through to the site.

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