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I’ve spent the past two days immersing myself in the waters of comics geekery, waters in which I’ve barely paddled previously. Growing up, the comics I read were tattered hand-me-downs from my older cousins, pretty much limited to Ghost Tales and Scrooge McDuck. When my friends in school started buying comics, the prices were already into “outrageous” territory, and I couldn’t bring myself to pay for a few flimsy pages of story. After watching movies 1 and 2 this weekend, I’ve been reading up on the X-Men characters, and a small mention of Deadpool caught my eye. Sardonic anti-hero who consistently breaks the fourth wall and takes the piss out of traditional comics? This is the kind of thing that could make me start shelling out for glossies on a monthly basis…

Deadpool, unlike most characters, is aware he is in a comic

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