Gary Younge: If wanton murder is essential to the US campaign in Iraq, its time to leave | Comment is free | The Guardian,,1805919,00.html

I’m spoiling the article by quoting the entire conclusion, but it’s powerful enough that I feel compelled.

International law was broken but there will be no punishment. The few who are responsible remain in the White House while the many who are embroiled in the conflict are brutalised or murdered, or both. “You’ve got to do whatever it takes to get home,” said one marine. “If it takes clearing by fire where there’s civilians, that’s it.” There is, of course, another option. Just go home. If the wanton murder of civilians is what it takes to complete your mission, there is clearly something wrong with the mission. You can only talk about a few bad apples for so long before you need to take a serious look at the barrel.

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