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A Stumbler who follows Gandhi’s maxim of being the change he wishes to see. Inspiring and more than a little humbling – check him out.

I am a paramedic (so hopefully you won’t bump into me while I’m at work). I served in the Air Force for seven years on a crash rescue team and was involved in operations for the Persian Gulf war and Bosnia. Bosnia got me interested in human rights issues and so I got out and studied philosophy and history at Texas A&M intending to become a human rights lawyer. But, law school didn’t work out and now, after some retraining, I’m a medic for a trauma center north of Austin, TX. I love my job! Even when it’s heartbreaking you can still do great things to help people. I am a left-libertarian, a peace activist, and a member of Veterans For Peace. My dream is to establish a humanitarian relief organization that specializes in sudden crises such as natural disasters and refugee movements. In the (very recent) photo I am speaking at a “Students Not Soldiers” anti-war rally. The shirt says “Iraq Vets Against the War.”

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