Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum Journey Two, The Emancipation Proclamation


I’m in the gleeful planning mode that (knock wood) is the precursor to a Big Trip in the next year. One of the stops I hope to make is Springfield, in Illinois – the “Land of Lincoln.” There’s no shortage of Lincoln-themed museums and sites to visit (woot!) but I think I’ll be giving the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum a miss. I give full points to any museum willing to break away from the traditional layout or presentation (the Royal British Columbia Museum is a particularly noteworthy example) but there’s a point at which freshness devolves into “edutainment.” The photos and descriptions of the ALPLM sound like little more than an overlarge Madame Tussaud’s.

The Emancipation Proclamation places you in a special effects “Illusion Corridor” with a gauntlet of dream-like images of people yelling at you, as if you were Lincoln. Everyone is telling you what you should do about the emancipation controversy.

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