Down Syndrome Dolls

The brain-disorders tag isn’t mine, though I find it fitting for this review; I thumbs it up partly in solidarity with this specialty doll-makers, but also to rebuke those Stumblers who claim they had a laugh at the pages and pictures. (And, sadly, there are more than show on the review page.) The manufacturers of these dolls have done a beautiful thing in offering them for sale; Kids with Down Syndrome or from other minority groups don’t get much representation in the toy domain. Given that world isn’t overwhelmingly white and “normal,” it’s dismaying to grow up in a society where books, shows, movies and toys are usually Caucasian-centric. I’ve observed that those people who find laughs in unfortunate conditions tend not to have much experience outside their own mundane normality. A visit to such Stumblers’ tiresomely vapid blogs seems to confirm that thought.

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