While I loathe Israel’s disproportionate response, it’s important to remember that Hezbollah seems equally disinterested in how many innocent civilians became Lebanese casualties. Here, the deputy leader of the guerrilla group expresses shock – but not dismay – over the force of the attack.

The magnitude of the Israeli response to Hizbollah’s cross-border operation in July took the Lebanese guerrilla group by surprise, Hizbollah deputy leader Naim Qassem said in an interview published on Saturday.

Qassem told an-Nahar daily that Hizbollah had expected an Israel attack at some stage as part of a joint plan with the United States but it had no indication it would come in July.

“We were expecting the Israelis would respond at the most by bombing for a day or two or some limited attacks or targeting certain places, such that it would not go beyond three days and some limited damage.”

Unfortunately, the widespread bombing of innocents by an outside power will probably push many former moderates into Hezbollah’s camps and support networks. So the cycle of violence and stupidity continues…

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