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I won’t post this photo – which is by uptight American standards NSFW – because I’m rather protective of my PG-13 status, but kudos to FunkyC for her review thereof. Like her, I first saw it on another Stumbler’s page, and the rather petty review that accompanied it cast a huge shadow on my opinion of her. My reactions were much like Funky’s, but since I’m nowhere near as eloquent or precise as her, I’ll just steal her review:

Which brings me to the photo below posted on another stumbler’s site with the caption “Um…they didn’t mean you, honey.”

I couldn’t disagree more. I like this photo. It’s a good piece of photography and I love the subject.

This woman isn’t asking anyone to rate her. She’s not looking for approval. She just is. She isn`t wearing a fancy push up bra and posing at odd angles trying to appear “sexy”. It`s as if she`s saying, “this is me, this is the way I am”. She looks like she has stretch marks on her abdomen which she’s making no attempt to hide. I’m assuming she’s either had children or lost weight – both of which I admire. She sure looks like she’s breast fed a child or two. That’s more than I can say for some women who stick their kids on formula almost immediately to save their perky tits. Best of all she’s eating her ice cream like she’s saying “I’m happy so fuck you and your beauty standards”. I love her already. Look at that face. Confident. Joyful. Stunning.

Gauging people’s reaction to the shot is a good insight to the maturity and attitude of the viewer.

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