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Three years ago, when I made the decision to shut off my TV, Lonely Planet was one of the shows whose absence I thought would most push me back to the couch. As it stands, my TV remained off, and I haven’t seen an episode since, but I still miss it. As a title, it’s a lot like that one location in every mall that can’t seem to hold a tenant – unless I’ve missed others, the new Globe Trekker is the third incarnation of what was once Lonely Planet and the Pilot Guides. Like most shows, it’s only as good as its presenter (loyal viewers can wonder along with me if the ubiquitous and obnoxious Justine is related to one of the producers) but as a huge number of the shows feature the pint-sized awesomeness of Ian Wright (and a few the worldliness-wrapped-in-Scottishness of Neil Gibson) that’s plenty o’ good right there. This is a long-winded review that isn’t really saying much, but as the journey is its own reward, the destination of this entry is watch one if you get the chance!

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