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As with everything on EgoAnt’s page, you should really read the whole review instead of just the piece I’m stealing here. I loved this typical burst of enthusiasm, though, and felt compelled to highlight it. I’m guessing EgoAnt is one of those guys whose attitude and personality make everyone wish he was their best friend. I kinda feel that way whenever I spend time on his site…

That is the controller for a game called Steel Battalion. As far as I know it is one of the most complex controllers out for any game. Now guess how many buttons are on that sucker. Twenty? Nope. Thirty? Why did you even guess that, you know I never stop on the second guess! Forty. Forty buttons on that sucka. If I saw a gamer who was truly skilled at that game, I’d be impressed. But Alexandra would just laugh. She’d laugh her wizened old ass off. Because when she sits down to play, she sits down at a controller that weighs over five hundred pounds and has eighty-eight buttons and three pedals. Man, I would NOT want to face off against her in any game. She could whup my ass one handed, hell, if you taped two controllers together, she could probably play them both at the same time and destroy me AND a friend. That, ladies and gentlemen, are what are known as mad skillz.

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