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Kimveer Gill was a nihilistic 25-year-old high-school dropout with spiky hair and a dark scowl, who was obsessed with guns and determined to “die in a hail of gunfire.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Gill murdered Ms. De Sousa and wounded a dozen other staff and students in a shooting rampage at the junior college before dying in a gunfight with Montreal police, an incident that sent shockwaves across the country.

The tragedy in Montreal becomes even more senseless as the gunman’s personality – or lack thereof – is revealed. There are some murderers whose backgrounds do elicit a shred of sympathy, but this loser exceeds even the Columbine killers for sheer self-centredness and vapidity. A 25 year old, obsessed with guns and heavy metal, living at home with his parents and still complaining about high school bullies and the unfairness of life? Jeez, dude, get over it. Why these jerks can’t just take their own lives without taking innocents down with them is beyond me. One very small mercy in this case is that he seems to be the worst shot of any attempted mass killer in recent memory. And kudos to the Securit

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