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Hockey’s two big headlines this morning couldn’t be further apart on the class spectrum. Ironically, both involve fan favourites, but that speaks to a class spectrum, too.

First up, Leafs “enforcer” (read: thug who would do well to keep his helmet for daily use) has retired amidst rumours of an affair with heiress and one-time Prime Ministerial fodder Belinda Stronach. In his usual thuggish (sorry, enforcerish) way, he apparently threatened to leave his wife with nothing if she went public. Nice.

Good to see I can wash my eyes out with this pleasant news from the Red Wings’ front office, then:

Steve Yzerman joined the Detroit front office on Monday, becoming the vice president of the Red Wings.

Stevie Y has been nothing but a class act for his 20+ years in a sport that caused him almost as much time on the surgery table as on the ice. How cool to see him recognised by Wings’ management in such a fittingly classy manner.

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