Teens T-Shirts Make Educators Squirm


This is the first of two Stumbles I’m stealing from Earthbound‘s site. He’s only 21, but he’s already showing a fair amount of old-codger qualities. To some that may be an insult, but I’ve got 11 years of old-codger veteran service on him, and it’s nice to see a fresh young face amidst the ranks. (Besides, the freshness will wear off soon!)

I highly recommend codgerism as a tonic to modern society, where everyone a generation or two ahead of me seems to be turning into wishy-washy enablers
to their oversexed and under-educated brats. Witness this article (insert codgerish sigh for the state of journalism here) from the Washington Post, and pay special attention to the responses of the parents.

Most parents interviewed said that they would rather not see their kids wear the racy shirts but that they sometimes give in. Rosa Pulley tried to order her daughter Keana, 17, a Gar-Field senior, to return a T-shirt that says, “yes, but not with u!” But Keana insisted. “I have to pick my battles,” the mother said. “Okay, I don’t like it. She’s wearing it, but it could be something worse.”

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