Young Directors of the 1990s – Movies – New York Times

An article about the current state of the film directors’ union (meant more in a general sense than the DGA specifically). Really, though, this should be two articles. One focussing on the “where are they now?”-dom of Spike Jonze, David O. Russell et al. and another on the inspiring trio of Mexican artists (and their triptych of films) who are reinventing the Californian directorial culture of the early 1970s. While the American darlings hem and haw over which project will least tarnish their image, the Mexicans are diving in, collectively, to make grand statements and to curb the mistakes that come with that territory. Given the number of awards and positive reviews they’ve garnered, Hollywood and its young denizens would do well to take notice of what a little risk-taking can accomplish.

When Mr. Gonz

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