Survival of the dumbest | Environment | The Guardian

The Guardian notes the efforts of conservationists to protect a species of bird that seems to want to hasten its extinction. I’ll catch hell from my ornithologist sister for this, but I can’t help but find it all pretty funny, particularly the image of a flock of endangered birds being driven to their next check point…

During the journey, Fritz’s Microlight caught a tricky wind and crash-landed in a field outside Arezzo just after the birds had completed one of the most arduous parts of the journey. While Fritz tended to his Microlight, he watched in dismay as the birds, showing an uncharacteristic burst of energy, broke free of their human handlers and flew back over the mountains they had just crossed, to settle close to where they had started. The 300km day exhausted them; the team collected the birds in their van the next day and drove them back across the mountains to resume the final leg, after another day off.

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