Goya’s famous Colossus. Not by Goya, apparently:

A painting long attributed to Spanish artist Francisco de Goya, “The Colossus,” was probably the work of one of his apprentices, said Spain’s Prado museum and art gallery in Madrid.

The painting, which shows a giant naked male figure towering over a landscape of people and animals, shows poorer technique than Goya’s and bears a signature which may belong to one of his apprentices, Asensio Julia, the Prado’s Manuela Mena said.

“When you look at it in the right light … you can see the poverty of the technique, its use of light and color, and the great difference between ‘The Colossus’ and the masterpieces attributed to Goya.”

But when you look at it in the wrong light, it’s a Goya.

While I have an infinite love of art, I have no patience for the art world.

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