Tell Vic Everything

We Canadians are not very good at protest. We are, however, world-class at grumbling and snark.

Legislation that would give police and spies easier access to information about Internet users was introduced this week in Ottawa. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews was an early supporter. This week Twitter went on the attack with a campaign to #TellVicEverything. Here is a sample.

  • @VicToews I used soy milk on my cereal cause I was too lazy to go out and buy milk. Hope this helps in war on child porn. #TellVicEverything
  • Dear @VicToews, a few people RT’d my messages to you, are obviously spies
  • Hey @ToewsVic, I lost an email from my work account yesterday. Can I get your copy? #TellVicEverything #VicsBackupService

Canada News: Online surveillance bill: Twitter rallies to #TellVicEverything –

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