Hamish and Dougal

I’ve only caught one episode of You’ll Have Had Your Tea, but it was terrific. Sly and smutty. The ideal combination.

The spin-off show was named “You’ll have had your tea” in reference to the formulaic manner in which every Hamish and Dougal sketch began on I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.

Each sketch starts with the line “You’ll have had your tea then, Hamish”. This is a reference to an idiom used in Edinburgh. This idiom is used to greet visitors who have a habit of dropping in at “tea” (a colloquial term for an evening meal). This is done either to deter scroungers or because the speaker is quite tight-fisted himself. The stereotype of Scottish people being careful with their money is regularly played on.

The show relied heavily on sexual innuendo, and Scottish stereotypes. Long-running jokes from the parent series were frequently referred to; for instance the quality of Jeremy Hardy’s singing voice.

Fictitious place names used within the series include Ben Kingsley, Loch Krankie, and Glen Close…

The series has been described as “comedy genius” by the Daily Mail, as “Reality- based comedy at its finest” by The Times, and as “basically The Beano with added smut” by The Independent.

via Hamish and Dougal – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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