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FreudiunSlips reviews – StumbleUpon A last hurrah for the old SU, by giving a last review to a veteran SUer.

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glacier5s reviews – StumbleUpon It pains me to discover awesome new StumbleBlogs when I can hear the tick-tock that tells us their blog will soon be no more. If you read GMC’s twitter account, all questions will be answered. SEO is the bus the user base was thrown under. SU “improved” to keep the chutes straight so we […]

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Photoblogging and Text to be Eliminated? From a user: I won’t be using SU any more. I’ve been taking SU to task for a long time now, and this result is not altogether surprising. You can also find my tumblr and posterous links on my borderline page. They are both great for blogging and have different features and demographics. Better […]

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BTW is it safe to assume we’re losing our inboxes, as well as our blogs? I have never felt so slapped in the face by a company before. This is shameful stuff. Any lawyers out there want to chime in? I assume our blogs are the “property” of SU, who can do with them as […]

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iamdones reviews – StumbleUpon anyone else feel like we’ve all been USED to find, rate, and categorize all the best sites on the internet and then been kicked to the curb like we’ve done enough that we’re no longer useful? Wow. I was bitter before reading this Stumbler’s review, but that’s got me thinking. Man, I hope this […]

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Account Changes FAQ My 6-year StumbleLifetime has been spent entirely thrilled with the community I discovered here, but entirely unimpressed with the developers. Back in the day where I (and, I assumed, they) actually cared about the users, I regularly asked questions and filed reports, and am still awaiting my first response. Over the course of their […]

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Mike deGruy: Hooked by an octopus | Video on Mike deGruy’s TED talk about octopods and the preservation of our oceans is very engaging. (NB Future marine biologists: having a huge shark bite visible on your arm lends credulity, as well as making you look like a total badass.)

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Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side iTunes just played this for me – one of my favourite Magnetic Fields songs – so I thought I’d play it for you, too. (I haven’t watched the animation – the thumb up is for the song alone.)

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Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan: Were not the big buddies people think we are | Culture | The Guardian The waiter brings the wine and pours a little for Coogan to taste. “Yeah, that’s lovely,” he says. “What are you doing with the wine-tasting?” hisses Brydon after the waiter has departed. “When you taste wine you’re not saying whether you like it, you’re saying if it’s not corked.” He illustrates his point, showing […]

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Bonjour, Girl! I’m just tired enough to find this hilarious.

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