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Jim Gaffigan – Comedy – Television – New York Times His shtick is no great shakes, but Jim Gaffigan sounds better grounded than most borderline-psychotic comedians. More public figures would do well to treat their audience with such appreciation, or even a little less contempt. Granting just a few minutes of attention results in a lot more fan goodwill, and often a standout memory […]

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(Untitled) Kevin Spacey isn’t quite at Clooney level for me, but he’s cute, talented, and is clearly on the right side of nuts. Here, he does about 10 impersonations (at the behest of the impersonation-loving acting snob James Lipton) that are totally bang-on. It’s like he’s channelling Pacino and Walken. Love it!

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Edward Norton | Film | Interview | The A.V. Club While I haven’t seen many of Ed Norton’s films, he always comes across as an edgy, intelligent actor. Judging from this terrific interview, he’s an edgy, intelligent man.

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Billy Connolly – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ah’m off(sky) tae see the Big Yin the night wi’ ma fambly. This has become somewhat of a tradition. My mother loves reminding me of the show they attended when she was 8 and a half months pregnant with me, and went into a false labour from laughing. All of this laughter is in […]

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Stephen Colbert | TV | Interview | The A.V. Club As Stumble-blogged earlier, I was never too taken with Stephen Colbert’s bits on the Daily Show; they tended to run a bit long for my tastes. But there’s no denying that this is one smart cookie. His interview with The Onion A.V. Club is one of the best they’ve ever featured. The A.V. Club: […]

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Liev Schreiber | Film | Interview | The A.V. Club *swoon* The Onion AV interviews Liev Schreiber, and he comes across as being even more intelligent and intriguing than I previously thought (which is saying something) Note to Hollywood: less Tom, more Liev, please: “It’s so compelling, because the idea of brainwashing functions on so many levels. It resonates with family and domineering mothers […]

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plaintive wail Hee.

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