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(Untitled);_ylt=Au.mbORwB6VHTXZT4Q8M_bFh24cA Some encouraging (though faintly so) news from Berlin, about bone marrow transplants apparently curing AIDS. The ever-necessary grains of salt? The procedure is fatal to up to 30% of the patients, and there’s no guarantee that the “wily” AIDS virus isn’t just lying in wait in a mutated form. But still, any progress in […]

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(Untitled) I mentioned them in my previous post, but these are worth pointing out on their own, too: *BRITAIN* World Vision gifts (Highlight: For 534 pounds you can “BUY A BOG!”) OXFAM gifts (Highlight: Replace the traditional be-ribboned puppy under the tree with a be-ribboned camel!) *CANADA* Through the WWF (supports animals, not wrestlers) you […]

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