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(Untitled) In an interview with The New York Times, Bruce Springsteen says he shouldn’t have made a deal with Wal-Mart. This month, the store started exclusively selling a Springsteen greatest-hits CD. Some fans were critical because Springsteen has been a longtime supporter of worker’s rights, and Wal-Mart has faced criticism for its labor practices. Springsteen’s […]

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(Untitled) Favored by few, the St. Louis Cardinals used an unlikely cast of characters to win their first World Series in nearly a quarter century… “I think we shocked the world,” Cardinals center fielder Jim Edmonds said. “It’s an unbelievable experience.” I think the world – minus the US, Japan, and the Caribbean – would […]

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Grace Coolidge: First Lady of Baseball The Coolidge love-in continues. First Lady Grace Coolidge gets added to my list of historical people to visit once the time machine I’m building is done. She sounds like a hoot: In November, 1948 we hear of her attending a baseball father-and-son banquet at Northampton’s Edwards Congregational Church. Philadelphia A’s righthander Joe Coleman, a […]

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BustedTees – Jesus Hates the Yankees Shocking revelation (IrishYankee, from whom I stole this, will be appalled): I love the Yankees. Having said that, I also enjoy a good larf, and this shirt offers just that!

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Boy testifies against coach Sickening. Heartless bastards like this deserve the eye-for-an-eye treatment. Get some major league pitchers (how about the entire roster from every team in the league?) to teach him a lesson: “An 8-year-old boy who told authorities he was bribed by his coach to throw a baseball at an autistic teammate testified yesterday that after […]

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