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Nissan Figaro – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I don’t normally squee over cars, but this is soooooooo cuuuuuuuute!

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Wheelspin – When Life Hands You Lemons, Race Them – A much-needed larf on a day when my nest egg received another coat of mineral oil (little ornithology joke, there), courtesy the NYTimes: A chronicle of the Pythonesque “LeMons” rally in Ohio, where beat up old junkers are raced until they can race no more. If there hadn’t been photos attached, I would’ve sworn […]

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Ugliest Car – Aurora – New York Times A Times piece about the World’s Ugliest (but Safest) Car and its eccentric, possibly corrupt, holy inventor. Was this one of history’s big What Ifs? Where Juliano got it all wrong was in the drivetrain. The Buick’s engine had not been started in more than four years. Worse, he did not clean out the […]

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Cool Cars with Awesome Features I don’t usually have much time for cars, unless they’re particularly classy-looking or green. This one, then, is one to drool over: Fast and Lean Lexus GS 450h Price: $55,595 Innovation: Fuel Having scored a surprise home run with the Prius, Toyota is getting ready to come back to bat with its luxury division, […]

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The Times | UK News, World News and Opinion,,2099-1899423_2,00.html A rather eye opening article about sex in the English home front during WWII. Sex was an affirmation of life amid so much destruction. Averil shared this view. “We had no fear,” she says now. “Young people don’t fear death.” Chloe Bowering, who was then 21, says: “People thought, ‘To hell with it,’ threw […]

Posted in Cars | Tagged | Comments closed Many thanks to Oorgo for finding this piece of happy news. It seems my favourite tiny car is being replaced with a snazzier, sexier, even tinier model. Beep beep! (A quick translation for you non-Frenchie types: The Yaris is due to be released in Canada in the fall, replacing the Echo hatchback.)

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