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The TSN guys crack me up. Jay & Dan… “Dance” – YouTube. I couldn’t resist having some fun myself. Here’s an animated GIF for everyone to commemorate the moment.

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Sardana – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Separatist movements specialise in promoting the members’ “otherness”, making them prickly and exclusive. I tend not to support sovereignty movements, but I came out of Barcelona with plenty of Catalunyan flag stickers and pins to show my support. One of the most endearing experiences I’v ever had was witnessing a Sardana dance outside Barcelona’s […]

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Evolution of Dance – By Judson Laipply The last of the multimedia links for now – this gets a mention because, as a spastic white girl, I have never done any of these dances. But man, is this guy good.

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Lawn Chairs . Metal Lawn Chairs . Folding Lawn Chairs Oh dear lord, this is funny. Really, if you’re going to engage in pointless fun, do it in style like these geezers. What could be funnier than a group of Dad’s marching down the street with black socks, American flag boxer shorts and white tank tops? How about barking out cadence like: “She don’t […]

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