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School superintendent gives up $800k in pay – Yahoo! News Until his term expires in 2015, Powell will run 325 schools and 35 school districts with 195,000 students, all for less than a starting California teacher earns. “How much do we need to keep accumulating?” asks Powell, 63. “There’s no reason for me to keep stockpiling money.” Powell’s generosity is more than just a […]

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Shake Weight&174; – Official Site – Images of buff men gasping “uhhhhh… that’s it!” after 6 minutes of, uh, “shaking weight”? Unintentional (I hope) hilarity. Ten years from now, this will be laughed at just like the Wonder Boner. I wonder what aspiring porn director put this vid together?

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Jim Brickman – Never Alone I went looking for Jim Brickman songs, as I thought I recognised the name, but apparently not: This is the kind of musical tripe I stay far away from, and does nothing to reform my view of Christian country music as sentimental glurge with white Republicans (a redundant phrase, I know) as the target […]

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Who Gives A Shirt by WhoGivesAShirt on Etsy For creative types who have learned to loathe Ebay, it’s a breath of fresh air to work with Etsy. To be able to post one’s items with such ease and expectation is refreshing. Typical of new ventures, though, one has to work a bit to bring the punters in. So I hope you’ll pardon […]

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(Untitled) Eccentric Texas man builds houses out of the landfill-bound castoffs of modern business. Just as important as the environmental impact is his willingness to show others – the homeless or underemployed – how to make their own houses, too. It’s a rare and shining gift to make other people feel empowered and valued. We […]

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Hudson and Landry Ajax Liquor Store Not sure about the Hanna-Barbera effect, but this Hudson & Landry skit is good enough to overcome the animation.

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(Untitled);_ylt=AmuNWFvR_E5ZeDBRmxhpeowE1vAI OH SWEET INTERNET ACCESS, how I’ve missed thee. I’m back and I’m Stumbling, though recent events are making me ever so slightly homesick for TO. Or, more specifically, the Toronto whose cultural institutions and figures have passed on in the few months I’ve been away. My heart broke to read of the end of […]

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(Untitled) 7-11 is rebranding a handful of its stores as a tie-in with the upcoming Simpsons movie. If all goes as planned, the convenience store chain plans to refit 11 stores across the U.S. — Richmond is an unlikely choice — to resemble the front of the Kwik-E-Mart, the convenience store that Homer and other […]

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(Untitled) Fearless prediction: Pixie Fashions will clean up at the the LMCF. Not only is their stuff incredibly witty, I believe there is a huge population of Goths out there whose black-vinyl Xmas stockings have seen better days. (The real money’s in upgrades!) I, for one, will be buying vast quantities of their stuffed-corset Xmas […]

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Credit Card Reward Programs go Head to Head! – Page 6 – I’m thinking about the I Will Teach You To Be Rich ideas today. This is an excellent primer for Canadians to work out what no-fee reward-based credit cards are out there, and what kind of benefits one can obtain from using them. Contemplating a long-term trip/short-term move to Europe, I’m interested in the foreign […]

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