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(Untitled)×90.gif This regrettable animated GIF is currently blinking on the Rough Guides homepage. “Unforgettable”? “Exciting”?! Clearly, the copy was written by someone who has never visited Switzerland. And did anyone else misread “get natural” as “get neutral”? I laugh at Switzerland’s efforts to add itself to my European itinerary. **BUMPITY BUMP** It knows. See how […]

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(Untitled) Pop quiz! Fill in the blanks on the following news story: Brigitte Bardot, angered over what she called France’s insensitivity to the plight of _____, has threatened to move to Sweden. a) Muslims b) Boneheaded footballers c) Minks d) Any other issue in the world that is more important than c) Unfortunately, the answer […]

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