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(Untitled);_ylt=AktT6MJaKdL63JxEelrajOIE1vAI From next week, one of France’s most iconic institutions – the smoky cafe – will be but a hazy memory The extension of France’s smoking ban to bars, discotheques, restaurants, hotels, casinos and cafes on Jan. 1 marks a momentous cultural shift in a country where thinkers like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir […]

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French language: Internationally used French phrases Ohhhh, that’s it, Stumble – bring me the good stuff! A big list of french phrases and mots justes* that have wound their way into English conversation. It’s entertaining as etymology, but downright fun to read through the list in a haughty Parisien accent**. *snicker **redundant

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LHistoire par limage I gave this site an immediate thumbs-up, and indeed was impressed with the thought of being able to scroll by year and learn about contemporary social and political factors. If only any of the links on the photo I selected were working. Hugely disappointing.

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Renting an Apartment – Private Custom Tours & Free Paris Resource Guide A lovely, inspiring gift from the Stumble button this Christmas morning.

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(Untitled) I’m totally enamoured of these wondrous farm-animals-and-the-farmers-who-love-(small-l)-them. So hard to choose which one to blog, but I suppose I can’t resist this weightlifter-like bull.

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