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Dead Rabbits – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Dead Rabbits were a gang in New York City in the 1850s, and originally were a part of the Roach Guards. The name has a second meaning rooted in Irish American vernacular of NYC in 1857. The word “Rabbit” is the phonetic corruption of the Irish word raibead, meaning “man to be feared”. […]

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Puckoon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia My dad had me reading Spike Milligan’s books from a very young age, but unfortunately the delightful-sounding Puckoon wasn’t in our collection. Neither, it seems, is it in the extensive – yet obviously not exhaustive – collection of the Toronto Public Library. How disappointing! The novel concerns the troubles brought to the fictional Irish […]

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Irish Gaelic Handout Now here is a thorough primer to the Gaelic language! The first lesson teaches you how to explain your varying levels of drunkenness. No indication of whether or not slurring has been factored into the phoenetic pronunciation: I am drunk — T m ar meisce. — tah-may air meeish-kah I am very drunk — […]

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