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So Long, Sam

Guitarist Randy Bachman said that he was always eager to visit the Yonge Street store. “Sam Sniderman was truly everyone’s friend,” he said in statement to CBC News.” As kids from Winnipeg all of us in The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive couldnt wait till our next Toronto visit and go to his store. It […]

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NHL Lockout: Fan Comment

Hockey lost me after the last lockout, when I watched salaries go astronomical and the game carved up to fit TV timing. This latest “labour action” disgusts me even more, and the CBC has posted a bang-on comment from a reader that explains why: Here’s Sunday’s second comment from a CBCSports.ca user out of Quebec […]

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The Hockey Handshake

The Kings and Devils are about due for a handshake lineup. Good luck to both of them! (But more good luck to the Kings – heh heh.) It’s no secret hockey is a chippy, rough and tumble sport but everyone checks their egos at the door during the handshake, wipes the slate clean and says […]

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Days of Days

CBC Digital Archives – D-Day: Canadians Target Juno Beach – 1944: Canadians storm Juno Beach on D-Day.

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SCTV Half Wits

SCTV nails the Canadian game show of the early 1980s.

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If you aren’t watching Archer  yet, you should be.  It’s by the creators of the equally hilarious and equally insane Frisky Dingo, and is more laugh-a-minute than any show I’ve seen lately, especially when you consider all the background gags they insert for eagle-eyed and pop-cultured types.  Exhibit A, check out the work/jokes involved in […]

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This chart showing all the ways Canadians died last year is pretty neat.  I’m just trying not to think about the fact that, at some point, I will be added to one of these dots.  Syphilis and Lawnmower look pretty underrepresented. Maybe I can aim to boost those numbers? http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/11/05/graphic-so-many-ways-to-die/

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Canada Eliminates Penny

Canada’s eliminating the penny, a coin which I happen to like. (Seriously, why not get rid of the nickel instead?) Even worse, this is their reasoning: “Pennies take up too much space on our dressers at home,” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said in the text of his budget speech in Ottawa. “They take up far […]

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He’s Your Man

More Gary Beacom, because this one is as fun as the other. Gary Beacom – I’m Your Man – YouTube.

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“Boneless” Gary Beacom

I love the Internet. I’d caught this as a kid, and managed to capture it on VHS. I’ve hoarded that tape ever since, assuming the performance would be forever lost to history otherwise, but I didn’t count on the rise of YouTube. I’m not a figure skating fan, mainly because I saw this performance as […]

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