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Scottish Advent Calendar / Funny Pictures / cSlacker.com

http://www.cslacker.com/images/funny/clever_amusing/scottish_advent_calendar/ Fellow Scot BobbyVardar sent me this “Scottish advent calendar”. Sadly, my family’s tendency is to open five or six days’ worth at once…

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THE COAST | Halifax News, Events, Restaurants, Shopping, Concerts, Free Classified Ads | Nova Scotia

http://www.thecoast.ca/1editorialbody.lasso?-token.folder=2007-12-06&-token.story=151320.113118&-token.subpub= Whether a collector or not, Passmore would still be considered something of a recorded music expert. He worked at Sam the Record Man for 12 years, seven on Yonge Street in Toronto and five on Barrington as a manager. He’s currently part-time and seasonal at CD Plus in Halifax Shopping Centre. Since his first […]

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