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Home Based Jewelry Business

http://www.squidoo.com/homebasedjewelrybusiness I thumb this down, though I worry it’ll make me look like a big meanie. I organised a craft fair last year, and more than two thirds of the applications were jewellery. Of those, more than three quarters was completely indistinguishable as individual work. My concern is that people reading this will be caught […]

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Knitty: Winter 2006 – editor

http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter06/PATTbinary.html Knitting, sadly, is beyond me – I can’t even tie my shoelaces properly – so I will never be able to duplicate this tremendous scarf. Admiring, however, is well within my ability!

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http://www.luvmac.com/gallery.html I’m forced to shake my undertalented fist at another successful silkscreener, Luvmac, taking part in the LMCF. Her shirt designs are like Threadless without the attitude, and with a touch of “haphazard” thrown in for good measure.

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http://www.vintagelove.ca/plates_atHome_2.html Vintagelove represents a growing trend amongst women of a certain age; mocking the male cultural hegemony of the 1950s by enthusiastically embracing its iconography (cf. Anne Taintor). With these funky light switch plates, you can literally turn out the lights on the kitchen prisons where our mothers and grandmothers paid their debt to a […]

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Welcome by DesignbyDeean on Etsy

http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=92310 Designs by Deean will be bringing her sewn goods to the fair. I’d bring my own sewing work, but sock monkeys that leak stuffing and punctured thumbs probably won’t sell as well as Deean’s purses and baby blankets.

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http://www.fabiennegood.com/pics/sing-1d.jpg Fabienne Good is another of our crafters who will be able to hear my gritting teeth from across the room. Unlike me, she clearly managed to master the art of silkscreening. She also has the element of funky which eludes me.

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SallyGirl Designs & Page Not Found

http://www.sallygirl.com/display/ShowGallery?moduleId=344177&galleryId=19108 I love that Sallygirl straddles the line between modern and retro. First iPod cozies, next doilies for plasma TVs?

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Knotty Girls Collections

http://www.knottygirls.ca/Collections.html Knotty Girls make ribbon jewellery that is so unusual and classy, even my outer tomboy is interested. Unfortunately, it’s better suited to people with long necks and no double-chins, so my inner girly-girl silently weeps.

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http://www.papersnake.ca/forsale_animals.htm Papersnake also sells twee accessories, but it was their wit that won them a place in the fair. I can think of a number of ex-friends and -acquaintances upon whom I would happily bestow a horse’s ass pin, but as that would involve seeing them again, I’ll hold off.

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http://www.whitelotusdesign.net/satori.html Being the one responsible for virtually all the legwork, I am letting my absolute power corrupt me abso-somewhat. There were a small number of exhibitors who were accepted without having to wait for the jury’s decision, and White Lotus was one of them. As previously mentioned, my inner girly-girl has long been repressed, so […]

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