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Incredibly Creative Pencil Drawings vs Photography

http://www.boostinspiration.com/drawing/incredibly-creative-pencil-drawings-vs-photography/ Cute concept, but the execution is lacking. These feel very commercial, and I mean that less in an “artist trying to get paid” way than in an “I’m shocked there’s no corporate logo in the corner” way.

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Can you believe that all of these are paintings? & This Blog Rules | Why go elsewhere?

http://www.thisblogrules.com/2010/07/can-you-believe-that-all-of-these-are-paintings.html I find it telling that photorealistic painters pick such mundane subjects. I’d rather look at the world through Picasso’s eyes.

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http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Strange-and-creepy/231948 Attempting to be the Gashlycrumb Tinies, but lacks both the wit and the artistic talent thereof. Which is to say, there’s not much to make a visit worthwhile.

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News | Marvel.com

http://www.marvel.com/news/comicstories.7021 Marvel publishes a comic book version of Pride and Prejudice. For decades, comic artists have fetishised their female characters, and the habit seems to be hard to break: The Bennet girls all look like smouldering hussies with rampant cases of sex hair. It’s also discouraging that the backgrounds in every panel of this preview […]

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http://weheartit.com/images/20081214010902.jpg I think this is a pretty crappy piece of “art”, ergo sum.

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http://www.thelstalk.com/amazing-beautiful-picture-made-out-of-tooth-pics-pics/ From the “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” file.

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http://www.here2see.com/the-master-of-graphite-pencil-linda-huber/ Accurate, but lifeless. Like a street portrait artist has taken their services online.

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Top 10 Craziest Star Wars Tattoos – The Force in the Flesh

http://www.theforceintheflesh.com/topten/ I love neat tattoos, and I lurve all things Star Wars, but I don’t love these Star Wars tats. They’re all crap, really. Who likes Yoda or Jar Jar enough to have them drilled into your flesh? And you’d think the guy with the Wookiee family ink would have suffered enough just watching the […]

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Blood Siren Tutorial

http://www.ethereality.info/ethereality_website/goodies/tutorials/blood_siren-tutorial/blood_siren-tutorial.htm Handy step-by-step on how to paint schlock sexy horror novel covers. Yet more proof (like we needed any) that possessing the ability to draw well without possessing good judgment does not add up to talent.

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Un discipulo de Dali? (57 fotos) & Curiosidades :: Las mejores fotos, cachondeo, curiosidades, humor fresco, todo en Ziza.eS

http://ziza.es/2007/12/18/Un_discipulo_de_Dali_57_fotos.html Dali on happy pills, which is to say, Dali in the saccharine, profitable style of Thomas Kinkaide. As if being Dali-esque alone wasn’t repulsive enough. In the words of my two year old cousin, no like.

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