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http://worldprocessor.com/catalog/world/ Another sad-statistic globe, this one for percentage prison populations. “Prison Populations The U.S. has recently usurped from Russia the dubious honor of highest rate of incarceration – almost 700. The number of inmates per 100,000 of the national population is represented for each country. 142 is the world average.”

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Phyllis Pearsall, the story of A-Z Maps

http://www.transki.co.uk/walk/atoz.htm As an amazing example of DIY creativity and persistence, I agree with the first sentence: “Phyllis Pearsall was a remarkable woman… in 1935 she got lost in London while using a 20 year old street map which was at the time the most recent available. Working from a bedsit in Horseferry Road (in SW1!) […]

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