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They Cannot Take Our Swearing!

One of my old Apple coworkers posted this on Facebook: I responded with this: German and Cantonese may sound angry, but when you really need to vent there’s no better accent than the Scot’s.

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The Magic Pill

I caught this illustrated lecture before the new year, and have been raving about it since: I’m a very sedentary person, and despite knowing all the health risks and benefits to taking a bit of exercise, it’s hard to find the time during the day. But the call to action here was the most effective […]

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Dancing Books

A nice little viral video, hosted (if not paid for – is this an ad or a public service announcement?) by a Toronto bookstore. I dare you to watch it without smiling. Or wanting to visit!

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Earth, Lapsed

Videos like this make the space agencies worth every penny of their billions of dollars. Mesmerizing. Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.

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Dear Zachary

I’d read enough about this film to know what the shocking plot twist would be, but that didn’t lessen its impact: This is a well-made independent film that everyone involved with it wishes didn’t exist. It’s not a happy event, but it’s well worth your time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dear_Zachary:_A_Letter_to_a_Son_About_His_Father

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A Man Escaped

Roger Ebert reviews one of my favourite movies. I took a Cinema 101 course in University. The prof was kind of a dink and most of the movies were awful, but this new-to-me film made it entirely worth the registration fee. The class (who nattered through every other film) was dead silent, and we were […]

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All Is Forgiven, Woody

Woody Allen has been cranking out some pretty terrible movies over the past decades, and every once in a while, the germ of a witty plot idea suckers me into watching. Everyone Says I Love You was nowhere near as engaging as I’d thought it might be, but was worth watching for this sublime scene […]

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Bespin, Cushion City

Empire Strikes Back is, arguably, my favourite movie ever, so it’s wild seeing these behind the scenes stills which remind me even more than Mark Hammill’s acting (which in fairness was pretty great in Empire) that it was all just a lot of smoke and mirrors. Or, to use another phrase, “simple tricks and nonsense”. […]

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Bomb Harvest – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bomb_Harvest I stumbled across this documentary tonight, and wound up watching the entire thing from the very edge of my seat. It’s “face” is a very personal Australian ex-soldier who works in Laos, training crews on dismantling the unexploded ordinance that has littered the country since the Vietnam War. (I found it both puzzling and […]

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100802/ap_en_tv/us_obit_mankiewicz Tom Mankiewicz, the screenwriter of such James Bond films as “Diamonds Are Forever” and “Live and Let Die” and the first two “Superman” movies, has died in Los Angeles at 68. Sad news, though I’m surprised that he was as young as he was – his voice led me to think he was much […]

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