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http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/muppet/images/b/b1/Ernie_bert_jim_frank.jpg If you’re going to spend the formative years of your career wedged into someone’s armpit, that someone might as well be Jim Henson. (I’d take a place in Steve Jobs’ pit anyday.) Bert and Ernie and Jim and Frank; Warm fuzzies all around with this photo.

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StumbleUpon.com: Personalized Recommendations to Help You Discover the Best of the Web

http://daphoenus.stumbleupon.com/review/34417004/ Jen posted this quote with a comment: Yep. And I’ve gotten pretty good at not taking people’s crap anymore. I have a few ex-friends as a result, but I’m a happier person for it. Amen, sister. The catharsis for me was a few summers ago, when the parallel lines of a disease diagnosis and […]

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http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20071227/en_nm/original_dc_1;_ylt=AkjOBr9I.ApjoXZpny1Gi84E1vAI A neat take on this year’s best screenplays, which focusses on their genesis or inspirations. I’m a sucker for investigations of the creative process, and particularly liked this little kick in the pants: At this early stage, he says, all ideas “are equally valid. It is the one you commit to that becomes important. […]

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LifeRemix | Great writing about great lives

http://liferemix.net/ This is a handy little website that collates feeds from some of the web’s best productivity/life-hack blogs. I’ve never been able to find a single blog that covers all the areas that interest me, so it’s nice to have a list from which to browse. The irony is that you could easily kill your […]

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http://www.arashandkelly.co.uk/Genius_Table.htm A small table made out of a giant notepad. Hugely inspiring, though I suspect the real “genius” would be copying the idea and making your own – it couldn’t cost more than $25 for all the parts. For starving artists, saving money is as inspiring as a blank sheet.

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Billy Bragg | Music | Interview | The A.V. Club

http://www.avclub.com/content/node/46531 While The Onion itself these days runs hot and cold, the Onion A.V. Club is nothing but stellar. I’d been saying this before they did a main-feature on my beloved Billy Bragg (a performer who never seems to get more than a cursory mention in any other entertainment media) so you can imagine how […]

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