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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090610/ap_on_re_us/us_holocaust_museum_shooting_42 Proving that age does not provide wisdom, an 88-year old neo-Nazi killed a Holocaust Museum guard. One of the quotes from the article stood out: Ashley Camp, 14, of Forsyth, Ill., on a field trip with more than 40 other students, said she heard two or three gunshots. Soon after, she recalled, a security […]

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Apple – Trailers – Horton Hears A Who – Trailer 1 Medium

http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/hortonhearsawho/medium_t1.html I’m getting tired of the cynical, ironic tone used in every kids’ movie these days. A shame about this one, which has been Carrey- and Carrell-ified so much it detracts from the jaw-dropping Seussian animation – they’ve nailed the look, but I don’t recall the good Dr. ever writing about emo kids…

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http://www.fpmrecords.com/vark/index.php/2007/03/16/take-eat-this-is-my-body/ What it looks like when religion is literally shoved down one’s throat. (Thanks, TravisKab!)

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greybirdss reviews – StumbleUpon

http://greybirds.stumbleupon.com/review/3969779/ The magnificent GreyBirds discusses the charges brought against the protestor who interrupted Bush and the Chinese PM the other day: Since when is yelling “Your time is running out” and “anything you have done will come back to you in this life” a threat? It’s a moral judgment, not an intention to do harm. […]

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