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http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080421/ap_en_tv/tv_wwe_candidates_1;_ylt=AnIvNVq5w22FbBthXVeW8RME1vAI Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain will appear on World Wrestling Entertainment’s live “Monday Night Raw” but instead of smacking each other down, they separately will deliver some wrestling-themed stumping in taped messages before Tuesday’s Pennsylvania primary. Please, PLEASE, someone tell me this is fake. A practical joke by the AP or […]

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The Notebook (2004) – IMDb

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0332280/ I would write that I want the two hours of my life back that went into watching this schmaltzy, saccharine movie, but I watched most of it on fast-forward, so I’ll settle for an hour and ten minutes. It’s poorly acted, and miserably written – why do more and more movies these days feel […]

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Egg Cuber

http://www.thekitchenstore.com/eggcuber.html Behold, the Egg Cuber: The only thing more disappointing than knowing that such a pointless object exists is that Due to high sales demand we are temporarily out of stock in this item…

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