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http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20071224/en_nm/peterson_dc_1;_ylt=AkJgVibXppSKQaVptgtQi1YE1vAI Oscar Peterson, who sat atop the world of jazz piano for decades with his driving two-handed swing, technical wizardry and rapid-fire solos, died on Sunday of kidney failure, CBC Television said. He was 82. In a year that saw the death of Ed Mirvish and the Sam the Record Man flagship, Canada loses another […]

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http://www.bonniebrett.com/ I chanced upon one of Bonnie Brett’s wonderful Elvis Costello covers on the radio the other week, and this is definitely an album I’ll be buying. I don’t usually go for cocktail vocal jazz, but the source material is obviously trustworthy. Great renditions of Love Field, I Want You, Watching the Detectives, I Want […]

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