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Richard Riot – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Riot I made a passing mention of the Richard Riot in an earlier post, but it occurs to me that it’s worth posting on its own. Canada is a funny country when it comes to our unofficial national sport. Those of other nationalities joke that it preoccupies us far more than it should, but it […]

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Print Story – canada.com network

http://www.canada.com/components/print.aspx?id=aac3ae0d-73fb-49bd-b312-eaade74a0497&k=96118 Jack Todd’s features are as engaging as I expected. Really worth a read, even if you don’t know the individuals he mentions. (Hint, hint: it’s a good way to learn about them!) Here, he writes up one of my favourites (blogged about many, many times), Jean Beliveau, in a way that encapsulates my own […]

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Montreal Gazette

http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/features/top10/index.html Here’s another of the Gazette’s outsized-personality columnists – Jack Todd. Courtesy of the Vietnam draft, he’s a “transplanted American” who spent years dragging himself up by his combat-bootstraps to attain the status of Crusty Sportswriter. His pieces are generally simple, but terrifically involving reads. I kept a copy of his “athlete of the century” […]

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